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6 Benefits of Reading Lots of Books

Books are windows to the world. However, there are still many Indonesians who do not like to read books. According to PISA research, Indonesia ranks 62 out of 70 countries in terms of literacy levels. In fact, according to a study from Central Connecticut State University, Indonesia’s literacy rate is ranked 60th out of 61 countries. Which means it really is very less. Moreover, coupled with the reading interest of the Indonesian people, only 0.01 percent of the population. I see that most fiction readers remember books best seller in bookstores are just fiction books. Whereas what really builds is a non-fiction book.


In contrast, Indonesians are the people who most like to talk on the internet. You can imagine the country with the most internet users and the least reading. No wonder Indonesian netizens are said to be the most disturbing in the world.

There are many reasons why Indonesians are lazy to read, starting from the difficulty of accessing books, most of the books in libraries are outdated and incomplete, poverty so that money is diverted to other things besides books, poverty also makes people prefer to spend their time working and having fun, and association. Indonesians are afraid of being ostracized by society because they like to read books. Tend to avoid being labeled a “nerd”. Coupled with the existence of internet access which is considered a source of all knowledge for Indonesians.

Without an adequate level of literacy, the internet will become a source of people’s brainwashing. It can be seen how many slanderous and inciting writings on the internet are simply believed by the public. Though the internet can be written by anyone without moderation. As I write now.

Back to books. For those of you who like to read books, it will certainly be fun. It is as if our mind has been released from its shackles. I watched a video that says it’s enough for you to read these three books in your lifetime, because other books are repetitive and incomplete. That perspective is wrong. Why? Because everyone’s mind is different. The three books may not be suitable for others. Therefore, we have to read many books, both on the same topic or on different topics. Here are some of the benefits of reading multiple books:

1. Adjusting Our View of the World

Who we are can be seen from the books we have read so far. By reading a lot of books, we will be led to be better. At first you read a lot of books on various topics. Then some problems arise in your mind so you decide to read a more specific book and keep reading other books until you find the answer to the problem. I personally have finally reached a much better level in my life because of three things, namely understanding the meaning of investment, understanding the meaning of minimalist life, and understanding the meaning of life with full awareness at all times. I found it in the books I’ve read so far. Of course that’s different for you, so I wouldn’t recommend any books here. You just have to come to a bookstore or library, then choose a book that feels right for you.

2. Avoiding False Thoughts

Everyone has faults, including the author of a book. By reading many books, we will be given many alternative mindsets. Our job is to choose what is right for us. Sometimes there is content in the writing that is actually quite misleading but we follow it because we believe and do not want to read books on the same topic from other authors. For example, there is a book in which one of its contents states that it does not agree with investment and another which strongly agrees. Great writers are not necessarily all good books and must be followed. On the other hand, a writer who is not said to be great may have a very good chapter in his book.

3. Recall

Many people avoid reading a lot of books because they think their content is repetitive. However, for me it is actually good. Repetitive means that a theory/opinion put forward is true so that it is written over and over again by different authors. Another benefit is that it helps you remember what you’ve read before. For example, when book B says value investing, we are reminded of book A that we have read before. Because we are not likely to remember the entire contents of a book in the long run.

4. Up to date

People who read a lot of books will definitely not be left behind. Because every new book even though the topic is the same, there must be something new there that fits the current conditions.

5. The more you read, the more you feel thirst for knowledge

This is a unique experience for me personally. The more I read a lot of books, the more I feel thirsty for knowledge. I never feel satisfied reading. My favorite books sometimes widen into various fields and sometimes narrow to one topic according to the condition of my heart. Even today I like to read quality research journals just to satisfy my curiosity. And I actually feel even more thirsty because I feel like I have found a new storehouse when I find a research journal. The repository of research journals seems to be much wider than the repository of books considering that many books use research journals as their reference.

6. Discovering New Things

What I love about reading a lot of books is that I come to know things I didn’t even know I didn’t know. And it turned out to be important in my life. Books help me discover new things and new insights.

1 comment for "6 Benefits of Reading Lots of Books"

  1. Eris Nugraha - SI 1A

    The benefits of reading books can train the brain to be able to think more critically and analyze the problems presented in what we read and by reading we will get more information because books are windows to the world.