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6 Branches of Art and Examples

Art is an expression of human feelings into a real medium that has an element of beauty. Art is a human effort to create something beautiful and bring pleasure. Art contains the imagination and ideas of the creator which is designed in such a way to be conveyed to everyone who enjoys his work. Art consists of various branches. Here are the branches of art. Let’s take a look at the first one:

1. Fine Arts

Fine art is a branch of art that produces works of art that can be seen by the sense of sight and touched by the sense of touch. This is in accordance with the meaning of the word “rupa” which means a state that is visible from the outside (form). Fine art is divided into two types based on its function, namely pure art and applied art. The function of pure art is as a display or decoration so that its beauty can be enjoyed by others. While the function of applied art is as a tool to help human life. Examples of fine arts are painting, sculpture, ceramics, architecture, clothing (fashion), and traditional weapons.

2. Dance

Dance is a branch of art that produces a body movement that follows a certain rhythm. The art of dance combines three elements, namely wiraga (body/exercise), wirama (rhythm), and wirasa (taste/spirit). Dances are generally combined with musical performances to support the rhythm, be it traditional music or modern music, or a collaboration of the two. Examples of dance are Pendet dance, Saman dance, Kecak dance, Tor-tor dance, and various kinds of dance creations such as the Manuk Swamp dance from Bali.

3. Musical Arts

Music is a branch of art that uses sound arranged in such a way that it contains song, rhythm, and harmony. The sound can come from musical instruments or human vocal sounds. The art of music is used widely both as a means of entertainment, education, commercial, ceremonial rituals, etc. Music art is divided into three types, namely classical, popular, and traditional music. Examples of musical arts are keroncong music, gamelan music, rock music, jazz music, etc.

4. Literary Arts

Literary art is a branch of art that uses a series of words to form a writing that can be enjoyed by the reader. A person can enjoy the art of literature either by reading it or being read by others. Literary art is divided into two, namely poetry and prose. Poetry is a literary art that uses certain rules and guidelines so that it is more rigid. While prose is a literary art that is not bound by certain rules or guidelines. Examples of literary arts are poetry, novels, short stories, rhymes, etc.

5. Theater Arts

Theater art is the art of acting that is played by several people according to their respective roles. Theater arts combines elements of dance, literature, visual arts, and music. The process of creating theatrical art consists of drafting/selecting scripts, cultivating, interpreting, and presenting/staging in front of the public. Broadly speaking, theatrical art also means all the activities of the scene/role on the stage even though it is not played by several people such as wayang. Examples of theater arts are ketoprak, wayang, lenong, etc.

6. Technology Insight

Technological art is an additional branch of art that uses high technology that combines all arts. The emergence of technology-oriented art is a sign that art is able to combine with technology to create new art and knowledge. An example is the art of cinema (film).

7. The Differences of Each Branch of Art in Table Form

Here are the differences between the six kinds of art in tabular form.

Art Branch

Media Form

Sense of Connoisseur


ArtThingsight, touchbi-dimensional (two-dimensional or three-dimensional)
dance artBody movement, musicsight, hearingTrimetric, time
Music ArtVocals, musical instrumentssight, hearingTrimetric, time
Literary artWritingSight, hearing (when read)Dwimatra
theater artsBody movements, roles, scenes, music, objects (properties)Sight, HearingTrimetric, time
Tech-savvy artBody movements, roles, scenes, music, objects (properties), technologySight, HearingThree-dimensional, two-dimensional, time

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