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Definition of Educational Games and Examples of Educational Games for Children

Currently the development of games is so rapid with various types, ranging from adventure games, strategy, arcade, sports and others. Playing games is of course very popular with everyone, especially among children. A game is basically created as a means of entertainment only, but it would be better if the game was created as a means of learning or known as educational games. Well, the following is an explanation of the meaning of educational games and also examples of educational games.

Understanding Educational Games

Educational games are types of games that are not only entertaining but can also provide education or knowledge to their users. Educational games can be used as one of the learning media because when playing them users will play while learning. Through this educational game, users will gain knowledge, so that this game can be a new breakthrough in developing the world of education. Apart from being an educational game that combines the sides of playing and learning, educational games can also be used as a medium to attract the attention of children to want to learn.

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Benefits of Educational Games for Children

The following are some of the benefits of educational games for children:

1. Can train children in solving a problem

Even though it seems like just playing normally, it turns out that educational games such as puzzle games, matching shapes, mosaics are simple games that can train children to solve problems.

2. Can develop children’s imagination and creativity

Educational games such as drawing and coloring are games that can develop children’s imagination and creativity.

3. Can train children to be more independent

When playing games, children will try to do everything alone to win the game being played.

5. Can help identify strengths in children

The tendency to a game that is liked by children can show the talents of the child.

4. Can train children’s physical and mental development

By playing games children will be cheerful and happy so that it will indirectly stimulate children’s physical and mental development.

Examples of Educational Games For Children

Currently there are many educational games that children can play using smartphones or laptops. But what needs to be considered when children play games is that there must be supervision from parents to be more controlled. The following are educational games for children that can be played using a browser without having to download.

1. Alphabet Bubble Letter Match Game

Alphabet Bubble Letter Match Game Online is an alphabet recognition game for kids. This game consists of 4 rounds or levels. Each round consists of a main game and a bonus game. Round 1 consists of 6 letters (ABCDEF), round 2 consists of 6 letters (GHIJKL), round 3 consists of 7 letters (MNOPQRS) and round 4 consists of 7 letters (TUVWXYZ).

How to play it is when the letter bubble floats from right to left click the letter bubble. is on top of a treasure chest that begins with the same letter. The bubble must be right above the crate for the letter to fall into it. In the bonus round the player must click on the letter bubbles in alphabetical order. The bonus rounds have the same letters as they appear in the main game.

2. Complete The Sequence: Ordering Numbers Practice Game for Kindergarten

Complete The Sequence is a fun and easy number sequence game for kids. Through this game the child will learn to sort the numbers which is a good practice for beginners who are just starting to learn basic math.

There are 3 levels of difficulty in this game, namely easy, medium and difficult. How to play it the player has to choose the right number that is missing from the sequence to complete the level. Complete the sequence by popping the bubbles according to the correct number. Complete levels and play again to hone your number pattern recognition skills.

3. Burn Matches Math Logic Puzzle Game

Burn Matches Math Logic Puzzle Game is a logic puzzle game in which players are given matches and move orders to create equations. To play it pay attention to the instructions at the beginning of each level, then follow the instructions exactly. Tap where you want to put the match and tap the match to pick it up to create an equation. When the equation is successfully solved, the match will burn and the game will continue to the next level. In this game there are 20 levels that can be played.

By playing this game a child will learn to count as well as learn to solve a problem.

4. Feed Math: Addition & Subtraction Math Practice Game for Kids

Feed math is a math game with a child’s character who will eat rice or sushi. This game can train children’s speed in doing calculations so that they can support their math scores at school.

How to play Feed Math is to add one number to another so that the number is as seen on the child’s clothes. For example, if the child’s clothes contain the number 9, then we click the number 8 and number 1. If the result is correct, then proceed to the next addition level. The higher the level, the higher the number of additions that appear.

5. Dot to Dot Animals Drawing Game for Kids

Dot to Dot Animals Drawing Game for Kids is a point-to-point drawing game that is easy for children to play. In this game most of the animal parts have been drawn and the player must complete the undrawn parts.

Before starting this drawing game, you must first choose what animal you want to draw. There are 10 animal images to choose from in this game including bears, cats, dogs, crocodiles, elephants, foxes, penguins, rabbits, tigers, and turtles. After selecting the desired image, then complete the image by drawing from point to point that has been numbered sequentially. By playing this drawing game, children’s imagination and creativity can develop more.

6. Cute Shapes: Color & Shape Art Game for Children

Cute Shapes is a simple game for little kids that teaches about shapes, colors, sizes and angles.

To start, select the shape on the left side of the playing field. Adjust the size of the corners using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Set the color using the color options available at the top of the playing field. To complete the shape can add a face shape. Then add another shape to the playing field as we want. When finished the results can be saved. By playing this game, children’s imagination and creativity are trained.

7. Fuzz Bugs Factory: Kids Bug Painting Pattern Game

Fuzz Bugs Factory is a game to match the color patterns shown in the bugs. To play it, pay attention to the bug reference on the right. Color the bug on the left according to the bug reference color on the right. Use the cover as needed and paint in the correct order to paint over any bugs.

In this game consists of 5 levels and for each level there are 5 stages that must be completed. This game is suitable for children who want to learn about colors and solve simple logic problems in a fun way.

8. Garfield Sentences: Educational Kid’s Sentence Structure Game

Garfield Sentences is a game where how to play it compose sentences in English correctly. In addition to compiling English sentences, this game with the character of a cat named Garfield also invites players to play a game of spelling sentences using a keyboard.

If the answer the player gives is correct, then a cat will look happy. If the answer is wrong, then he will look disappointed. By playing this game, your child’s English skills will be trained in a fun way.

9. Kid Maestro: 12-Song Virtual Piano Simulator Game for Kids

Kid Maestro is a game that can teach children to play music by recognizing the scales consisting of do re mi fa sol la si do. These scales are important to learn because they are the basic notes in a song.

In addition, in this game there is also a collection of songs that can be used to train children’s abilities. The more often you practice, the child’s ability to know the scales will increase. Some of the popular songs in this game are Do Re Mi, Happy Birthday, Jingle Bell, and others.

10. Learn Origami Games for Kids

Learn Origami Game for Kids is a game that teaches children to practice folding origami paper into a shape. In this game there are 4 choices of shapes that will be made using origami paper.

How to play Learn Origami Game for Kids is to choose one of 4 shapes consisting of a boat, turtle, cat and frog. After that, follow the instructions step by step so that the origami paper can form according to the selected shape. After successfully forming later you can also get complete instructions if you want to fold real origami paper.

Thus an explanation of the meaning of educational games and examples of educational games for children. I hope the explanation I wrote above can be useful.

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