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Development of "Nowadays" Funds in the Digital Age

Nowadays investing should be everyone’s lifestyle. Because by investing, the income you get does not just go in and out, but there is something that can be set aside for use in the future. Investing also has many benefits not only for yourself, but also for others.

By investing, we mean that we help other people in terms of funding their financial needs, whether for business development, starting a business, or for other needs. Investing also means planting the seeds of our current money which will then continue to grow in the future if the results of that investment are reinvested, creating what is called compound effect aka “flowering flower”.

Saving as an option to set aside money is no longer the main choice. Because by saving, we only get a low interest rate which is even less than the inflation rate. In addition, there are also monthly administrative costs which further erode our savings. Savings should only be used to save money for short-term needs such as daily needs.

Currently, there are various types of investments available. Starting from mutual funds, property, bonds, to stocks. These various options have their respective risks. The best way to choose the best investments is to diversify. Diversification is combining all investment options according to their respective risks. In other words, invest in all investment options that you understand and are in accordance with the funds you have.

The development of internet technology has created new opportunities. One of them is a new form of investment. The latest one is P2P Lending. P2P lending which stands for peer to peer lending is a system that brings together parties who need money and those who have money directly through an online system. This system is more efficient so that lender (lenders) get a higher return compared to savings and investment products offered by banks. Borrowers of money also get access to funds with lower interest rates so that they can be an alternative to SME loans. So that by providing funds or funding (another word for investment) in P2P Lending, we do not only develop funds by getting profits from returnbut we also help develop SMEs in Indonesia.

One of the P2P Lending services that should be considered is Acceleration. Acceleration provides access to capital for business actors and provides investment alternatives for loan lenders with attractive returns and measurable risks. Starting from IDR 100,000, you can start lending to selected SMEs you trust as well as developing your funds. Starting funding at Akseleran is also very easy. Just fill in your personal data, wait for verification, and do a digital signature. Akeleran has also been officially registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) so that its sustainability is more guaranteed.

Register Now Become a Lender at Acceleran

The acceleration is guaranteed to be safe, apart from being officially registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), it is also certified by the ISO27001 Full Scope. In addition, more than 98% of the value of the borrower loan portfolio at Akseleran is collateralized and credit insurance protection is available.

You can access the Akseleran website at or by downloading the Akseleran Application on the Google Play Store for Android devices or on the Apple App Store for iOS devices and registering. For the first time to become a lender at Akseleran, please use the referral code ACTUAL253547 and automatically get a free balance of Rp. 100 thousand.

After that, don’t forget to fill in all the data completely and wait for verification via email from the Acceleration and Privyid Team. If all of your data has been verified as 100% verified, you can already donate the Rp100 thousand funds to the business loan campaign on the Akseleran platform and at the same time develop your funds by getting an average return of 18%-21% per year.


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