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How to Start a Recruitment/Headhunter Business

Headhunter or recruitment services are now widely used by various businesses in the country, from small to large companies to get the best candidates. However, starting a recruitment agency business is certainly not a trivial matter, there are several things you should know.

The Best Steps to Start a Headhunter or Recruitment Business

    1. Assembling an Agency Team

As a headhunter, you are tasked with recruiting new employees for companies that are your clients. As an outsider who is not directly related to the company, external recruitment services must be very competent in identifying the candidates the company wants.

To be able to run this external recruitment agency business optimally, of course the first step you have to prepare is to arrange an agency team. However, the agency team that you prepare should not be a random agency team.

There are a number of things you should consider when setting up an agency management team. The agency management team must consist of people who are experts in recruitment or other fields but support the agency’s performance.

As a recruitment agency, make sure you look for the best members who are competent in selecting candidates for companies. Candidates who have experience in the field of HR will be the first choice.

    1. Building a Convincing Profile

The next step for a new agency is to build a convincing profile for its potential clients. You can start by building a website and official social media account. It is from this official website that your people and potential clients get to know more about the business that you offer.

The site and the social media accounts that you develop must look very professional, credible and trustworthy. The information provided must also be clear and easily accessible.

    1. Using App Help

The next tip that you should do is to use the help of tools that function to facilitate the recruitment process. The recruitment application will help your agency work more quickly, precisely and efficiently in screening candidates that match the company’s criteria.

Shortlyst, Help Develop a Better Recruitment Business

Those of you who want to develop a recruitment business should really consider the current use of AI-based software. The use of artificial intelligence-based tools will greatly help your work become faster, more efficient, on target and easier.

However, not all tools that claim to help the recruitment process can be used. Make sure you use application for the best recruiter that is Shortlist. Shortlyst is an artificial intelligence based tool that will automatically help you find the best candidates.

Because it works using AI principles, Shortlyst can find the most suitable candidates who match the criteria desired by your clients. Tools Shortlyst will provide more than 600 million candidate profile data that can be accessed from all countries.

You can also easily integrate these profiles into various platforms such as WhatsApp, Slack, email and LinkedIn. Shortlyst software is also equipped with interesting features that will simplify the recruitment process, such as the candidate recommendation feature, to the mutual tagging feature between recruiters and candidates.

Although there are a myriad of features offered by Shortlyst, you can use this software at a very low cost of only 23 USD. This fee is only 5% of the price of similar tools that you can find on the market.

Use the best tools to help you start and grow your recruitment or headhunter business. With the help of artificial intelligence-based tools, your recruitment business will be more trusted by clients who want to recruit new candidates.

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