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Super Package: Best Hosting Recommended

Super Package: Best Hosting Recommended by DomaiNesia


For DomaiNesians, of course they are familiar with the term hosting, no? DomaiNesia also offers several packages best hosting which can be ordered directly on the DomaiNesia website. One of the hosting packages offered by DomaiNesia is the Super Package. What is a Super Pack? What is the price offered for the Super Package? Why is the Super Package the recommended package by DomaiNesia? To get to know more about this Super Package, and also to strengthen DomaiNesian’s choice in buying this package, below we will discuss in detail about the answers above.

Get to know Super Packs

What is a Super Pack? Super Packages are usually used by websites that have a lot of visitors, such as school websites and government websites. However, it is possible for shop business pioneers on line to use this package. This Super Package allows its users to have around 2,000 website visitors every day. So, for the shop business pioneers on line
this package can still be an option, because of the features, and the price is not too high.

What Offers Do You Get from This Super Package?

The Super Package is a package that has more features compared to the starter package that DomaiNesia also offers, namely the Extra Package. The Super Package is priced at IDR 32,000 per month, with a fee of setup which is not paid. With a relatively affordable price, this package provides quite good facilities. Then, what are the offers you get in this Super Package?

Large RAM capacity

The Super Package offers a RAM capacity of 768 MB. This allows providers to store a lot of data on their websites. RAM also helps the performance of a website in terms of speed in accessing the address of a website.

Trusted Security Features

The Super Package has a trusted security system which certainly has new and better features to protect websites from various malicious attacks in cyberspace. One of the security features offered by the Super Pack is CageFS. CageFS as its name means in English which means cage, serves as a protection for the user cpanel structure on a server. This causes a hosting can not be seen by shell script which is generally used by hacker who wears type jumping. One of the great features of CageFS is that it can create fake structures that can fool users hacker. So, by using this Super Package, website providers don’t have to worry about adding other security features, or worry that one day their website will be exposed to malicious attacks from other users. hacker who want to steal information.

Large SSD Disk Space

SSD Disk Space is the capacity of the hosting itself. The Super plan offers as much as 2GB of SSD Disk Space. Usually, Cheap hosting SSD Disk Space used as a place to store videos, pictures, e-mail, and e-mail database
in a website. If a website has started to develop, and causes this storage area to be almost full, the website provider can sort out the data for further storage, or delete it in order to reduce the amount of data stored.

High IO

IO stands for Input Output. The Super package offers a fairly high IO, which is 76800 kBps. IO will be very influential in the speed of a hosting. IO itself plays an important role in the process uploadand download a filesbecause IO will set the number of processes downloadand upload a data in 1 second. The Super Plan also offers 5120 IOPS (Input Output Per Second).

Have a WordPress Accelerator

WordPress is one of the open source based on Content Management System (CMS). With the WordPress Accelerator, a website can have time loading relatively short. Plus, with the WordPress Accelerator, the Memcached function will be activated automatically. In short, WordPress Accelerator will increase the ability of the website to work even better.

Super Package as the Top Choice for DomaiNesian

After discussing about the features offered by this Super Package, DomaiNesian can find out the various benefits in this package. However, there are still a few things that make this Super Package the main recommendation for DomaiNesians. With a monthly price of Rp. 32,000, DomaiNesia will also get a website domain, subdomain, and parked domain unlimited which will help in terms of improving traffic a website. Plus, there are additional databases like Python, Ruby, Bash, Go, Perl, and Node.js that the Extra Package doesn’t offer. Not to mention, there is upgrade What the Super Package offers on CPU Cores is 1GHz which is twice the minimum number of CPU Cores for a website. Therefore, DomaiNesia highly recommends Super Packages as a
best hosting for your website.

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