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The Difference Between IQ And EQ, Which Is More Important?

Of course, every parent wants their child to grow up smart. But parents often see a child’s intelligence only in terms of academic scores or IQ scores. In fact, intelligence actually has various meanings. We will discuss two of the various definitions of intelligence further in this article, namely the notion of intellectual intelligence (IQ) and the notion of emotional intelligence (EQ).

Understanding IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

Understanding IQ is an ability possessed by a person in reasoning, understanding an idea, learning, thinking, solving problems, and planning things. IQ intelligence is usually used to solve problems through reasoning or involving logic.

Understanding EQ (Emotional Quotient)

Understanding EQ is an ability possessed by a person in terms of recognizing, controlling, and regulating emotions and feelings, both feelings that exist in oneself and the feelings of others. EQ intelligence can provide awareness of the existence of empathy, love, the ability to motivate yourself, the ability to deal with sadness and joy appropriately.

Then, is the difference between IQ and EQ only limited to intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence? Of course not. Through this article, you will understand the difference between IQ and EQ. In addition, here we will also review why EQ is no less important than IQ.

Difference between IQ and EQ

Some of the differences between IQ and EQ are as follows.

1. IQ = Congenital, EQ = environmental influences

IQ is an innate intelligence from birth, where a person’s intellectual intelligence will be able to be honed through a variety of knowledge acquired while studying in various educational paths. While EQ is intelligence that can develop along with psychic growth. The development of EQ can be influenced by environmental factors where these factors will support children’s emotional intelligence to be more focused.

2. Characteristics of IQ = Logic, EQ = Empathy

IQ is an intellectual ability that can be used to solve problems with elements of mathematics or logic. While EQ is an ability that can be used to deal with problems with emotional considerations, a sense of empathy to be able to put yourself in a certain condition, before finally making a decision.

3. IQ = good at numbers, EQ = good at socializing

Someone who has a high IQ will have more ability in terms of completing something that requires mathematical data analysis. Meanwhile, someone who has a high EQ will have more ability in terms of socializing, thus making it easier to be close to the people around him.

4. IQ = individual, EQ = cooperation

Someone who has a high IQ will be more likely to be successful individually, which can be seen from his academic intelligence. Meanwhile, someone who has a high EQ will be able to succeed with his approach with the people around him, so that people who have a high EQ will find it easier to work together.

Between IQ and EQ, which is more important?

The two types of intelligence cannot be separated, so when asked which one is the most important between IQ and EQ? You could say that IQ and EQ, both are equally important. Instead of choosing which one is important, why not have both? Because if you have intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence will be very helpful in achieving a better quality of life. So if you have a high IQ and EQ, you will have a great chance of success.

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Thus the explanation of the difference between IQ and EQ. Hopefully the explanation we have written in this article can be useful.

3 comments for "The Difference Between IQ And EQ, Which Is More Important?"

  1. Eris Nugraha (SI 1A) :
    actually IQ and EQ are interrelated in a person where IQ is more of an understanding and can also be referred to as a skill that we have while EQ is more of a description of our personality so both are very much needed in us where we have the ability and understanding and we must can control and control it so that it can be more beneficial for ourselves or others.

  2. Once I found out the difference between IQ and EQ. These two components are very important for us to have, so that our lives are better.


    1. after I read it turns out that IQ and EQ are important for our lives. at least we can have an IQ or EQ so that our lives will be better