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Understanding Formula Milk and How to Choose It

Definition of Formula Milk

Formula milk is a type of milk that is specially formulated to meet the needs of the baby in obtaining the nutrients and nutrients needed. Utilizing formula milk is an alternative to breast milk (ASI).

As a new mom, shopping at the supermarket and seeing different types of formula can be confusing. Different brands, flavors, prices, and ingredients in the milk will influence your decision to buy.

Fortunately, finding the best formula for your child is not as difficult as you might think. You only need to consider the factors below to make shopping for formula milk easier.

Considerations in choosing formula milk

Pay attention to the ingredients

Not a few ads that promise to be able to calm the child to claim to increase your child’s brain development. Even so, not all the ingredients contained will have a positive impact on the growth of the child. Don’t forget to also pay attention to ingredients that can trigger allergies in children.

Choose the one that suits your child’s body system

After confirming that, you are advised to use the right formula for the condition of the child or baby. You have to make sure that the baby formula you choose has the same nutritional content as breast milk. This can be observed on the nutritional content label on the packaging. Choose milk that suits the child’s body system and does not cause disturbances such as vomiting, diarrhea, or difficult bowel movements.

Products that are easy to get

You are also recommended to use formula milk that is easily available. This will help you save time looking for the milk you need at the nearest dairy store, convenience store, or supermarket. If the formula your child is consuming is hard to find in local stores or while traveling, this is certainly not what you want, right?

Consider a price that fits your budget

Another important factor that you should consider is in terms of price. How much do you have to spend to buy formula milk for your child every month? Generally, powdered formula milk is the most coveted product. You can pay attention to the content needed by the child and choose a product that fits your budget.

Of the many types and variants of formula milk on the market, not all have the same content. You need to pay attention to what ingredients are contained to ensure that there are no negative effects that can occur on your child’s growth and development. Therefore, here are some types of ingredients that must be considered when choosing formula milk.

Pay attention to these ingredients when choosing formula milk


It doesn’t seem dangerous, but this type of sugar is not recommended for consumption by small children, especially babies. Sucrose is known to help children digest the milk they drink. However, the risk of children developing obesity and dental problems will increase when sucrose is consumed in excessive amounts.

Artificial DHA and ARA

Breast milk is known to contain the best DHA and ARA which have functions for child growth and development. With formula milk that does not contain these two fatty acids, algae and fungi are processed to make artificial DHA and ARA. Although currently a lot of milk is claimed to contain ARA and DHA, but the results do not necessarily provide the best effect for children’s growth and development and intelligence.


Preservatives such as beta carotene and ascorbyl palmitate are often found in infant formula to ensure a long-lasting product. These artificial ingredients can harm the body and have a negative impact on the child’s immune system and blood pressure if consumed in excessive amounts.

Synthetic nutrition

To be able to equalize the content of breast milk, formula milk is often added with synthetic nutrients to ensure children get the same nutrition as consuming breast milk. Even so, make sure the ingredients are contained when choosing. Don’t forget to consult with the relevant doctor to prevent things that are not desirable.

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