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Understanding Geography (Full Article)

Geography is the study of locations on earth and their similarities, differences, phenomena, and then people. Geography describes everything that exists on the surface of the earth. Initially, geography was called earth science because it emphasized the names of places and natural formations such as mountains, lakes, rivers, etc. But geography has a wider scope including natural phenomena in the atmosphere. Geography has an environmental and regional point of view in a spatial context.

Definition of geography

1. The Origin of the Word Geography

The etymology of geography comes from the Greek geo which means “earth” and graphene which means “image”. So literally geography means imaging the earth or the depiction of the earth. The term was first introduced by Erastosthenes, a Greek scientist in 200 BC.

2. Meaning of the word geography

The following is the meaning of the word geography according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI). Geography is a noun (noun) which means:

  • The science of the earth’s surface, climate, population, flora, fauna, and the results obtained from the earth.

3. Understanding Geography According to Experts

  1. according to Claudius PtolomaeusGeography is a presentation through a map of part or all of the Earth’s surface.
  2. according to Karl RitherGeography is a study of the earth as a place of human life.
  3. according to Bisri Mostophageography is the science that describes the earth’s surface, climate, population, flora, fauna, and the results obtained from the earth.
  4. according to John MackinderGeography is a study of the relationship between humans and their natural surroundings.
  5. according to Immanuel KantGeography is a science whose sources of study are objects, symptoms, or things that are widespread on Earth.
  6. according to Erastothenesgeography is writing about the earth.
  7. according to Herioso SetiyonoGeography is a science that studies the interrelationships between humans and their environment and refers to the horizontal distribution pattern on the Earth’s surface.

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